Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ready, steady...

At brown paper central we're readying the troops for the coming invasion of the factory. Name badges? check, glittering, shimmering, tactile and touching work? check. Warm weather... hmmm, we'll do our best. In case you've missed the details, this is not a design market runs this Sunday, 10am-5pm at 500 La Trobe St, Melbourne. We'll be upstairs on the mezzanine (warm air rises, people!) Pop in and say hi.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Luscious Electric Glass Pendants
Sacred Geometries for Girls and Boys



Fancy a Juicy Light Pod?

......Blue (on white) / Gold (on black)

Some contemporary jewellery glass gems....
...Hot Pink (on white) / Lime Green (on black)

Eletric Violet (on black) / Bright Green (on white)

Hand Blown, Sandblasted and Dichroic Glass Pendants, light weight new aged jewellery design.... They change colour depending on the time of day and what your wearing. Light Pods- $90-$200...



Just a few little fancies I have been working on for the design market this Sunday...

Hand Blown, Silvered, Dichroic and Mirrored Glass Bubbles from $40-$200

Dichroic Glass was originally engineered by NASA for space suit helmets to reflect and refract IR and UV light in deep space. The glass is known as 'Dichroic' because it changes colour depending on the surface it is resting on. Some examples are: Blue/Gold, Magenta/Green, Cyan/Coper ...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

How To

Here's a piece I made a couple of months back, and the how-to guide that I designed to go alongside. This piece, accompanied by the instructions, will be on sale at next Sunday's this is not a design market in the city. The market will see the official launch of the Brown Paper Collective - out of the studio and into The Factory. Catch you there! melissa

Chloe Vallance

Chloe’s current art practice deals with intimate imagery of figures together and solitary, namely drawn with colour pencil on timber, paper or colour swatches. When sequenced together these images allude to the concept of a narration. Chloe recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), Drawing at RMIT University, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts (Honours)(Fine Art), at RMIT University. Since 2007 Chloe Vallance has had five solo shows in galleries around Melbourne. Her work has been selected for art prizes and group exhibitions such as the Prometheus Visual Art Award, the Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale, The Phillips House of Fine Art Drawing Prize and the 2008 Public Art Exhibition, held at the Monash Centre, in Prato, Italy. One of five winners of the Siemens RMIT Fine Art Undergraduate travel scholarships for 2007, Chloe used her prize to participate in the RMIT New York Study Tour in December 2008.

My work is personal, peaceful, and playful, based around sequencing imagery to allude to narration. I am interested in exploring the importance of place in relation to intimate experiences of human interaction, a moment at a time. Developed from observation and photographs of family and friends my work explores the simplicity of intimacy experienced by a solitary figure through small scale drawings and paintings on paper and found objects.

I want people to be able to relate to the images I create. I want to make people smile, to stop and look twice. Anyone who knows me understands that I rarely go anywhere without some paper and a pencil. I live to draw, and through my art I draw life as I see it and everyone who brings me joy.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Just a few photos to help entice you to come to craft victoria craft hatch market tomorrow at city library. .  don't forget to follow all the lovely links to the right, lots of great pictures there! 
Some of these items are also available at a new site called estralia, lot's of great Australian made and designed things, and they ship worldwide :-). . .Look out for the jewellery by Felicity Jane Large too, especially if you like colour! (link is to the right).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hullo friends, Sarah here. There are a few things I quite like at the moment:
+ Glass
+ Nature
+ Making things

I'm currently exploring all sorts of intriguing colours and textures in glass, through a process named flameworking. I'm working on a range of wearable pieces including rings, pendants and earrings..

I'm also enjoying creating through the process of glassblowing. I rather delight in searching for materials with which to work, and at the moment I'm looking at using glass as a vehicle to capture the unique beauty of things I've stumbled upon in nature. Looking forward to seeing where this takes me..

Monday, July 6, 2009

Something that I like. . .

I have been working with Joanna Mortreaux for a while now and I knew that she was an artist but i hadn't got around to seeing any of her work, I finally got her to send me the link to her blog the other day and the work is sooooo beautiful that I just wanted to share it
I think you will all agree. . 

to Market to Market

Hello, deirdre here. . .  I am very  pleased to announce that the brown paper collective has been accepted into 'THIS IS NOT A DESIGN MARKET' for the 19th of July! (more details to follow) I will also be at the craft hatch market with Jasmine this Saturday at the City Library, 11-4, you can see some of the other artists here:
So I have been busy busy trying to get lots of new things made, above is one of my necklaces, Jazzy helped me to choose the colour scheme at the last market and I sold it off my body the next day at work! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

wire me in... regina middleton

Hello there. I'm Regina, I love found objects and alternative materials. I am often found scrounging through skip bins, or more romantically, gathering ephemera at the beach. Sustainability is a chief concern of mine, and so is the reusing of discarded materials.

'Wire Me In' is the latest little collection I have been working on. Born from a fascination with the intriguing lines formed by electrical cables and some pretty coloured wires found in a skip bin, I have become a little obsessed with wrapping and weaving the two together, transforming communication cables into beautiful and intriguing pieces of adornment.

These lovely little pieces currently come in the form of pendants, earrings and bracelets...